It is Our Choice To Give To The Lord by Giving to You Free Bibles
We are launching our new project   Madge's 3D graphic picture of
Christ Return on a Whitehorse
She has gained a copyright prevledge now being offered to you
Proceed to help hurting people in Your communities
A Circle of Giving from this Visionary 3D Picture
Poster size picture {framed} & small pictures {framed}
Available for Sale: Canvas Bags, T-Shirts and Mouse pad
Special order cell phone cover
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940-468-9331 cell  or 940-325-2775 office
Cowboys For Christ
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For The Christian Ranchman News
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Fort Worth, TX 76192-0001
Watch the Believer's Voice of
Victory Daily Broadcast
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Muleshoe Cowboy Fellowship
Pastor Steve Friskuf
PO Box 252
Muleshoe, Tx 78217
Pastor Steve's Faith walk is shared at many of
our events
look for him at your favorite auction.

This World Champion
Jeff Copenhaver
travels across the USA
sharing his testimony at many Cowboy
Ask us for a Free book
Devotional For Champions
also connect with Jeff at
New Frontier Cowboy Church
I Must Personally Act Compassionate Today
Our Outreach 2 You - Your Outreach to others !

Our Mission Statement
It is our Belief that
Destiny is not
A Matter of
Chance But of Choice
I  Must Personally  ACT  Compassionate  TODAY
Our World with kindness !
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This is the back door of the INSP trailer dedicated to
spreading the word of God & touching lives with His Son
Jesus Christ
We invite you to know Him
call for a Free Bible or Other Free Materials to help your
Faith Walk
The Following Groups Are Instrumental In Helping 3BarL Ross & Madge Lloyd
Develop Our Faith and Bringing Instructional Materials and Bibles To You
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